Monday, January 16, 2012

My New Skinny Plan

A few years ago I took up running--I did the Couch to 5K Program and lost around 30lbs.  I looked good and discovered an unknown love for long distance running. 

The picture to the left was taken before I ran the Bidwell Classic Half Marathon--it was an amazing day!  I had decided to take a month off of my running to recover, afterward my hubby left for Basic Combat Training for the Army. 

To make a long story short, I never could get myself back into the running and gained a total of 15lbs back.  The Picture to the right was taken today.
Still, I don't look at bad as when I first started in May of 2009.
At any rate, I don't want to stay chunky for the rest of my life, and the long I wait, the harder it will be to loose.
 I started with this--it's my new Skinny Plan!  It's posted on a large whiteboard I have in my kitchen. 
There will be one day a week that I'm allowed other drinks and desserts, but 6 days of the week only water and Jello (it's good for your joints).  


  1. I'd do more than just water. Any juice that doesn't have corn syrup as the main ingredient would help with vitamins and electrolytes.

    1. After my run today, I'm thinking the same thing. I'll stick with this for this week and then next week add recovery beverages to the mix. Thanks for the comment, Sweetie!

  2. enjoy and good luck with the skinny program.

  3. sounds like a great idea, and totally do able