Saturday, August 18, 2012

Almost FREE Pencil Holder

My son has trouble keeping track of his pencils, I and super cheap, so I made him a pencil holder instead of buying him one.  Check it out:

This is what you need: 
1 tin can
spray paint in your color of choice
ribbon or binding
buttons or beads
hot glue gun

Start by painting the can and let it dry completely--I forgot to get a pic of this.
Glue binding or ribbon over the rim and be sure to cover all sharp edges.

 Glue on beads, buttons, puff balls, ect to your preference.
 The front.
The back.

My son LOVES his!
It's his favorite color and has his name on it--what would be better?

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  1. You are a "Super Mommy". I love you all. Grandma