Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bible Basics for Mormon Mommies: The Creation

First off, I'd like to explain the title:
As a home-schooling parent we were having some difficulty with my #1 son's reading.  On a trip to visit my sister and her family, I whined about the trouble and my sister took me to see her classroom and the curriculum they use in her private Christian school.  I loved the curriculum, but was a little hesitant to order the Bible Pack that goes along with it as we are practicing Mormons and I didn't want to have to weed out the places where the theology is not exactly the same.  That said, I started looking for a good Bible book or FHE book to help add in that bit of Gospel learning that I feel we've been missing out on.  My husband is what I'd like to call a "home-study-generic-christian" meaning he has a strong Bible foundation and beliefs, but doesn't go to church and is VERY guarded about his religion.  His contribution is that he wants the kids to know at least as much or more about the Bible as they do about the Book of Mormon.  I'm inclined to agree with him--there seems to be a deficit in basic Bible concepts for Mormon kids.  I know I only vaguely remember learning bible stories as a kids, granted we didn't always go to church and I frequently hid in the mothers lounge, but still--I feel it's my duty to help them understand their religion as much as possible and gain a testimony of their own.
Having not found exactly what I was looking for--I decided to write my own.  We'll be doing morning devotionals and studying basic basics so when my kids meet other christian kids who know the bible stories--so will they. 

Here we go, week 1 of Bible Basics for Mormon Mommies:



Day 1:  This lesson was based on the nursery lesson about the creation (one of the ONLY lessons I could find on the subject.)   We looked at pictures pictures of the creation, Earth shots from space and paintings that had lots of animals and plants.  Read Genesis 1:1  "In the beginning God created heaven and earth." and we basically introduced the idea that the world being made is called the creation and that we'd be talking about it this week.

Day 2:  Who created the world?  Jesus Christ Created the world for me.  (Read Moses 2:1- "... By mine only Begotten I created the heaven, and the earth upon with thou standest.") Again, we looked at pictures of the creation and talked about Jesus creating the earth and Heavenly Father telling him how to do it. 

Day 3:  What was created on what day?  This time we read Genesis 1:1-27 and Genesis 2:1-3.  We stopped at every place where it says "and the evening and the morning were the _____ day" and talked bout what happened that day.
  1. Created light.  Divided the day from the night.
  2. Created the sky (firmament) and the sea--my boys understand science little bit so we went into water in the air and the atmosphere and water on the earth.
  3. Divided the sea from the land and created plants.
  4. Created the sun, moon and stars.
  5. Created birds and whales.
  6. Created cattle and land animals--AND Adam and Eve. 
  7. Rest!  We also talked about how this was special and the reason we now have the Sabbath.
Day 4:  The Creation shows God's love for us.  We talked about the things on the earth that my kids like the most--like God created dogs so that we could have pets, plants so we could have fruits and vegetables to eat, and animals so we could have meat. 

Day 5:  We made a picture of the creation and talked about it a little more. 

Thanks for stopping in, I hope this helps out a little in your morning devotionals with your kiddos!  Next week we'll be talking about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden!  See you then :-)


  1. Very good. For more info on Bible stories look at the primary lesson books at Mom

    1. Thanks Mama--I know there's a ton of info on there, but it's not exactly in a neat little package ready to be taught in the fashion I want/need it to be in.