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Bible Basiscs for Mormon Mommies: Adam and Eve AND Cain and Abel

Better a week late then not at all, right?  It's been a busy couple of weeks here in Homeschooling Mamma Land--first we FINALLY got a new car!  Isn't she beautiful??  She's a Hybrid and Lilly (the Great Dane) can fit in her comfortably! 

Second we have been shopping for  a tablet for our kids and I got a membership to in an effort to help with reading.  So far, so good, my big reader is loving it and goes back all the time to use it. 

Third, my phantom stomach ailment that is not gall bladder disease, not celiac disease, not ulcers, not diabetes and not thyroid disease, has been making itself known to me again...  Even whilst I take my medicine...  Yay.

Forth, my soldier hubby got orders that were for 5 months earlier then we had expected to be moving--chaos broke out in my house.

So, now that the excuses portion of this blog entry is over, I would like to say that not only did I have some fabulous excuses, but I am also inherently LAZY!  I have however been thinking about this entry and doing the morning devotionals...  Mostly.

Bible Basics for Mormon Mommies:  Adam and Eve

Day 1--Show this pic and tell in your own words the story of Adam and Eve. 
Day 2--Made in God's image.  Explain that they look like Mommy and Daddy and that is what being "made in someone's image" means--we were created to look like Heavenly Father. 
Day 3--We were all sick so we skipped this day.  It was supposed to be The Fall--it was combined with Day 4.
Day 4--The Fall and  leaving the Garden of Eden.  The Fall, why we call it The Fall.  Read 2 Nephi 2:25  Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.  Explain that Adam and Eve couldn't have children before The Fall and that they didn't know right from wrong.  Tell kids that Satan did not flat lie as much as he told a half-truth.  Be sure they understand that Eve chose to eat the fruit to gain knowledge and that there was no other way. 
Talk about the Garden of Eden and how plants just grew without farming, animals were all friendly and gentle.  Explain that when they left the garden, the world changed, thorns grew and predictors became predictors.  They had to learn to work the land and to hunt and farm. 
Day 5--Blessings of the Fall.  Remind children that work is good--Heavenly Father wants us to work to provide for ourselves.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve didn't need to work.  Explain Heavenly Father commanded Adam and Eve to have children and they couldn't do that in the Garden of Eden.  Tell kids that in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve were like little children and when they left, they had to become grown ups. 


Bible Basics for Mormon Mommies: Cain and Abel

We didn't really do daily devotionals this week, but we did go over the story and make sure certain points were understood.  I would also like to say how disappointed I was while researching this story for my kids--it seems to be left out of most kids bibles and lessons.  I think it's an excellent story to teach about brotherly love and following the Lord instead of Satan. 

First we talked about the story--I showed this this picture and reminded them that after The Fall, Adam and Eve had children.  Two of those children were named Cain and Abel, Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd.  We talked about the commandment to sacrifice lambs and that they had to be the best, most perfect lambs to be a good sacrifice.  We talked about how Cain and Abel both brought their best to sacrifice for the Lord, but that Cain was a farmer so he wasn't bringing what the Lord asked for for his sacrifice and the Lord didn't accept it.  Satan came and convinced Cain to kill his brother--it was the first murder on Earth (my son really liked that point).   Heavenly Father knew that Cain had killed Abel and did not accept his sacrifice and gave him a dark skin so everyone else would know it was him. 

When we reviewed the story, we talked about how Heavenly Father wants us to treat our brothers, and whether it made him happy that Cain had killed Abel.  We talked about how it would make Mommy and Daddy feel and we finished up with how we can help each other to be good and follow the commandments. 

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