Thursday, May 9, 2013

DoTerra to the Rescue Today!

So I ran out of my DigestZen sample and my new shipment isn't supposed to be here till tomorrow.  Do I even need to say here that I got sick?  I went out for a run yesterday and got HORRIBLE cramps and nausea and the whole nine yards--it was BAD.  I was digging though my little baggie of samples and found out that I have just a tiny bit of DigestZen left.  I stuck it on my tongue and smeared the bottle on my tummy in the hope that it was enough to help out...  Here I am a few minutes later and I'm feeling WAY better--still a headache (didn't notice the headache the nausea was so bad) but I am not having the extra saliva pouring into my mouth that is a precursor to puking.  I am feeling my better--doTerra worked today!

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