Friday, February 24, 2012

Gluten Free German Pancakes

 I love light, fluffy German pancakes!  It's been a while since I've had them seeing as I've been Gluten Free for the past... Ugh--year as of next month.  I've had a few "accidental" gluten-izations, like that time at the unit Bar-B-Q when I ate that chocolate cake... not a good memory.  So I've been looking for recipes for all the things I love. Today I found this recipe at and went to work--this is the resulting recipe.

Gluten Free Mini German Pancakes

Nutrition Info
  • Calories: 130.5
  • Fat: 8.2g
  • Carbohydrates: 5.8g
  • Protein: 8.2g


1 cup Gluten Free Flour Mix (I used Bette Hagman's from the Gluten Free Gourmet Series)
6 Eggs
1 cup Milk 2% (or Dairy Free substitute)
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/4 cup Butter, softened
1 tsp Pumpkin Pie spice
1 tsp Xanathum Gum


Add all ingredients into blender. Whip until completely blended. Pour into well greased muffin tins--make sure you don't fill over half full. This recipe also makes full sized German Pancakes if you pour it into round cake pans 1/4 inch deep. Bake till blond and puffed. Remove and serve immediately.

Serving Size: makes 24 muffin sized servings

Number of Servings: 24
This is what they look like before syrup or fruit and whip-cream.

These were excellent!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


  1. They look great. Can you make them when I see you? MOM

  2. What temperature do you bake them?