Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesus: The Original Super Hero!

So my 6 year old son has recently developed this concept that sense the movies and superheros aren't real, that neither is Jesus... I have been at a loss for what to tell him.  We've talked about faith, and how we know the Gospel is true.  We go to church.  I feel like I'm doing all I really can to help him.  Today during a break from school (he's home-schooled, so he was at home playing with duplos) he told me he doesn't want to do Family Home Evening because Jesus isn't fun.  My approach went something like this:

Me: What makes a superhero a superhero?
Izz:  They are cool.
Me: What else?
Izz:  They have special powers and can make stuff.
Me:  What is the difference between a superhero and a super-villain?
Izz:  One is the good guy and one is the bad guy.
Me:  But how do you know which on is the good guy?
Izz:  Because they help people.
Me:  So a hero rescues people and makes them safe--he saves them.
Izz:  Yeah, and he doesn't super cool stuff.
Me:  Did you know that Jesus is like that?  He rescues us from our sins--when we do something wrong, that's called a sin, and when we repent, He takes that sin from us and rescues us.
Izz:  But Satan is the bad guy?
Me:  That's right, because Satan always tries to make you do what's wrong. 
Izz:  So  Satan doesn't want us to follow Heavenly Father and Jesus?
Me:  No he doesn't--he's like a real super-villain.

So there you have it--Jesus is a Super Hero!


  1. Yea! Mommy!! Yeah!! Izzy!! CTR Boy got it all right! Love, Grandma!

    1. Thanks Mom. He woke me up after nap time to tell me Jesus doesn't shoot webs so he can't be a superhero! lol!

  2. SO cute. Thanks for sharing the story. These kind of tough questions are the reason I hate Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. If you try to pass these holiday figures as real, how are your kids expected to believe you when you talk about God?

    Of course, MY six year old has a different take. When I tried to break it to him that certain characters aren't real, he just went into denial. "Yes they are Mommy."

    oh-kay then kid. But one day, Santa stops getting all the credit for the good stuff you get on Christmas Day!

    Maybe if we just keep focusing on Fiction v. Nonfiction, and Figurative v. Literal, our lil men will sort it all out . . .